Monday, September 14, 2009

Dexter Fans

The new season is approaching and it's time to break out the popcorn. Unfortunately, the divine buttery goodness leaves your hands and face a greasy disaster. No worries my demented friends, we're looking out for you. We recreated Dexter's bloodslides in the form of soap. How cool is that? What's the scent? Hello? Blood orange of course... Available on etsy now, click the title to teleport you there.
* Actual bloodtype and smear pattern may vary


  1. My son has decided to go to college and become a forensic scientist because of this show, lol! I told him to keep that off his applications!

    I might have to get him some of this soap!

  2. I have to tell you, I adore these soaps. Dexter is an amazing show. Blood orange scent sounds perfect!

  3. You might be interested to know that a website has stolen this idea and is even marketing it as "Dexter slide soap". I noticed that you were making this first (I've been google and etsy-ing things of this nature as a gift for a lab technician!)

    I am not sure if you are somehow linked to this person, if so, I apologise, however if you are not this is obviously a case of a wonderful idea that has been stolen (and poorly replicated.)

    Anyhow, wonderful products you have here!