Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bloodbath Tonight At The Ruby Room

Come bathe in blood tonight at the Ruby Room!
Bring some horror to your shower! Swing by tonight and indulge yourself in a zombie soap or sugar scrub. Lip balm addict? No worries, the lip embalm will be fully stocked . Got a hankerin' for a hair flower with a skull in the center? Ms. Formaldehyde will be there with an array of evil flowery goodness. Maybe you fancy a pair of earrings fashioned from plastic cutlery? Paris Davis will be selling his "Hobo Chic" recycled jewelry and so much more. How often do you get a chance to drink while shopping? Seriously, have a cocktail or two and check out all of the artists.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Undead Rejoice! Summer Specials On Etsy

Summer is quickly approaching and dry, rotten flesh is in your near future. That tiny umbrella and miniature hat aren't going to save you, and let's face it- they look ridiculous on zombies. Here at Bloodbath we feel your pain and have concocted numerous potions to raise your skin from the dead. No longer will you have to wait until sundown to seek brains...

Sinfully delightful whipped sugar scrubs 2 for $20
Lip Embalm lip balms 2 for $5